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Environmental Rights


Table of Contents (volume 11)

Introduction . . . . 3
Environmental Rights . . . . 4
Implementation Plan Report . . . . 12
News from the Negotiators . . . . 15
A Vision for Nunavik . . . . 17

"In this 11th edition of Nunavik we will hear the latest news from the Nunavik negotiators, and see what they discussed at their visit with post-secondary students in Montreal. This issue mainly dedicates itself to the environment of Nunavik. Inuit of Nunavik expect a clean, safe, secure environment, in their communities and outside their communities."

  • January 10, 2007
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The Ratification Process

newsletter_10.jpgwhite_space.jpg"The articles on Nunavik as a Newsletter
generally deal with issues related to
the negotiations for the creation of
the Nunavik Government and we do
our best to keep people informed of
their progress.

In this new issue of Nunavik the first
article, entitled News from the Makivik
Negotiators, offers a quick up-date on
the status of the negotiations. In a
long process such as this one, one
must say that news are not always
good but there are indications at the
present time that both governments
are proceeding toward the ratification."

Table of Contents (volume 10)

Introduction . . . . 3

News from the Makivik Negotiators . . . . 5download2.jpg

Approval process of the Agreement-in-Principle
by the Quebec Government . . . . 7

How Will Quebec And Canada Finance The Nunavik Government? . . . . 9

Nunavik 10.2006
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  • January 9, 2007
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Makivik's Relation with the Nunavik Government


"The first article in this issue is one about Makivik and looks at the question of whether Makivik’s role in our society would change once a Nunavik government would be in place.

As an entirely Inuit entity, Makivik Corporation’s role in the push toward a form of government has been essential in the negotiation process, but what will happen to Makivik once we have a government? The question is worth looking at."

Table of Contents (volume 9)

Introduction . . . . 3

What will be Makivik’s Relationship with the download2.jpg
New Nunavik Government? . . . . 4

Sivunivut Forum . . . . 11

Learning From the Experience of Nunavut
— A Visit to Iqaluit . . . . 15

News from the Makivik Negotiators . . . . 25
Nunavik 09.2006
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  • October 13, 2006
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